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It's extremely sexy to a nice Jewish girl from the suburbs. Starting in the postwar years and peaking in the s, circumcision was de rigueur for American male infants. I spoke with one woman, 56, who slept with men in the footloose s -- she kept a record -- and swears only one of her lovers was uncircumcised. If anyone's a sex expert, Bright is. Carol Leigh, a sex historian and prostitute who calls herself Scarlot Harlot, is an exception. Doctors and parents disputed the urologist quoted, who denied that circumcision is "brutal. Photographs of "cut" and "uncut" penises are liberally used, along with testimony from the women surveyed, such as: The problem, she finally concluded, wasn't her own dysfunction -- what psychologists used to call "frigidity" -- but "the abnormal structure of the circumcised penis. The myths are apparently catnip to many.


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